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Piero Massaro Optical PM4

Piero Massaro 483 EY3

Piero Massaro 483 EY3

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The eyeglasses of the designer Piero Massaro, Frame Violet Acetate Lens Neutral

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The eyeglasses of the designer Piero Massaro, are exclusively made of cellulose acetate, the only plastic material that comes not from petrol but from plant matter such as cotton staple fiber. In particular, Piero Massaro, uses the rhodoïd, the most precious of all cellulose acetate, as it allows to get amazing, three-dimensional and incomparable colour effects. It’s different from any other material for its transparency, its brilliance of the colors and its magical compositions. Its vegetable origin is also revealed to the touch, with a pleasing warm and silky effect.




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