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Matsuda glasses are the meeting point between the deconstruction of western design and the study of traditional Japanese fashion

Pioneer of this experiment was Mitsuhiro Matsuda, the founder of the homonymous fashion house, which since 1967 has given his brand an avant-garde international imprint.

Matsuda creates designer glasses that evoke a deep connection with the past: they are playfully innovative glasses, with a touch of European romanticism. Inspired by Gothic architecture, Victorian art and American jazz, Matsuda was the promoter of a new design idea designed for tomorrow, where the typically Japanese approach of combining artisan techniques and innovative technology has driven the philosophy of its brand.

Recognized as one of the first designers to merge architecture with fashion, in the 80s his ready-to-wear creations and handcrafted glasses captured the attention of the whole world and the Matsuda reputation as an innovator has been strengthened thanks to the numerous collaborations with renowned artists.

Metal masters and acetate sculptors, Matsuda master craftsmen use the best materials in the world – titanium, stainless steel, sterling silver and 18-carat solid gold – transforming raw materials into unrepeatable works of art.

The frames in Japanese acetate are carved from an organic plastic derived from cotton which is subjected to a curing of more than 3 months before construction. This delicate process produces extraordinarily rich colors, along with unmatched strength and flexibility. Each piece is then finished by hand by master polisher, adjusted and aligned.

Each lens is treated with seven layers of anti-reflective coating which reduces eye fatigue, eliminating unwanted reflections. For even greater clarity, polarized lenses filter out reflections and improve contrast.

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