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Geometries to wear

Defining Kuboraum’s as simple glasses would be an understatement. The Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of the wearer to enhance their character and personality. The mask is synonymous with play, but also with protection. It is the place from where we are free to observe reality, where we can feel ourselves: the “cubic room”, from the name of the brand, where we can explore our self and free our personality. Because the mask does not hide, but gives strength and character to the wearer.

The German creative process of Kuboraum eyewear joins an all-Italian manufacture. The brand was born in Berlin in 2012, in the halls of the Pastpresent Studio and Gallery, a post office on the border between East and West that has now become a showroom and flagship store. The creative minds, however, are 100% Italian: Livio Graziottin, designer and sculptor, and Sergio Eusebi, anthropologist and marketing and communication manager, who have created geometric sculptures capable of freeing our identity.

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Kuboraum T7 Black Shine

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Kuboraum R4 Black Shine

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Kuboraum R4 Black Matte

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