Effortlessly frame objects near and far

thanks to 3 different focusing powers

Glasses with progressive lenses

They erase presbyopia without interfering
with remote viewing

Why choose them:

  • Just one pair of glasses to see well at any distance
  • Gradual transition between the various distances
  • No visible gradation border, for a pleasant aesthetic result

Progressive lenses for glasses: 3 different prescriptions, 3 different magnifying powers

Around 40 years of age, many people start having trouble focusing on nearby objects. This disorder is known as presbyopia and to correct it some resort to two types of glasses, one for reading and one for distances. Today, however, there is something more practical thanks to which it is possible to obtain a 3 in 1 solution. These are glasses with progressive lenses thanks to which you can see well in different contexts: when reading, when reading stay at the computer and when you focus on long distances. In practice, three prescriptions in a single pair of glasses.

Progressive lenses have no visible edges , therefore the gradation variations are not seen from the outside: a significant aesthetic advantage that makes the glasses more modern and pleasant to look at.

The adaptation is immediate because we make
previous lenses with the highest visual performance.

You can see well with a single pair of glasses

With progressive lenses you can solve presbyopia problems and see up close without focusing problems. Long distances will be just as clear and the intermediate vision will be comfortable and restful. Come and try them!

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