The power of glasses, the comfort of contact lenses

To see well in any context

Multifocal contact lenses

The best choice to correct presbyopia
and get a clear and natural vision

Why choose them:

  • Excellent ability to focus on distant, near and intermediate targets
  • Gradual and natural transition between the various correction areas
  • Ability to see in almost all conditions without the need for extra glasses

The most innovative contact lenses for presbyopes: seeing up close will no longer be a problem

As time goes by our eyesight starts to lose shots and our eyes start having problems focusing on nearby objects.It is called "presbyopia" and it is a defect of vision that usually occurs around the age of 40 and that can create discomfort in close reading and consequently fatigue and headache. If at one time reading glasses were the only solution available, today optics have made great progress and offer a much more comfortable and effective alternative: multifocal contact lenses.

Multifocal contact lenses are available in various types (monthly, weekly and daily) and must be chosen according to your lifestyle. They are suitable for correcting various levels of presbyopia, from moderate to more advanced.

Go back to seeing closely, without interfering with intermediate and remote vision

Thanks to this innovative contact lenses you will be able to solve presbyopia problems and achieve a gradual transition between distant and near objects, without sudden image jumps. Come to the store to try them and rediscover the pleasure of a clear and natural view.

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