We calculate your visual perimeter

to map all the blind spots in your eye

Visual field examination

The test that uses light to detect damage to your optic nerve

Why do it:

  • Detect problems like glaucoma and retinal detachment

What is the visual field examination and what is it for

The visual field test is a screening test that serves to measure the central and peripheral visual area of the eye and to detect any damage to the optic nerve. The visual field corresponds to what the eye can see when fixing a single point and its measurement is used to determine if the eye has blind spots (scotomes) or areas where the vision is more blurred.

The presence and size of a blind spot can be a symptom of an eye problem, therefore the examination of the visual field is fundamental to understand how a certain disturbance is affecting the quality of our view .

The visual field associated with the examination of eye pressure guarantees maximum visual attention.

How the visual field test works: a path of lights that traces your visual area

Eye diseases such as glaucoma and retinal detachment - but also central nervous system problems such as stroke and ischemias - can influence the visual field: the examination is therefore fundamental to find these pathologies and follow their evolution.

The test aims to draw a real visual field map, also called computerized perimetry, a graphic representation of the visual area of both eyes. The visual field is measured in one eye at a time, so the patient will have to cover one eye and rest his chin and forehead on a special instrument called a "dome".

What will you have to do during the exam

During the examination of the computerized visual field you will be asked to look at a central point, after which small lights will begin to appear in different points: each time you see one you will have to press a button. Obviously the machine will also track the lights you haven't seen.

Since your gaze will be on the center, we will be able to detect the lights that you can see outside of your central vision: in this way we will be able to understand if there is a loss of vision outside the field central view.

At the end of the exam a software will process the results and trace a computerized perimetry that will make us obtain all the information useful for detecting problems in the visual field, which may eventually be further investigated with further examinations.

How long does the visual field visit?

The exam usually lasts 20 minutes. Since it is a test that requires concentration, it can be longer than expected in the case of elderly patients and children, or in general with people who have a low attention span.

You want to find out if your eye works as it should?

Visual field disturbances can be symptoms of eye and optic nerve problems that should never be underestimated. Request a visit now to evaluate the health of your eyes.

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