The topographic map that reveals a treasure:

the health of your cornea

Computerized corneal topography

Your cornea, in a 3D digital representation

Why do it:

  • Check for corneal damage such as changes or deformations
  • Useful to find the most suitable contact lenses for you
  • Detect ailments such as astigmatism and keratoconus

Corneal topography: what it is and why it is so important for your vision

Corneal topography, also called corneal map, is an examination that serves to determine the state of health of the cornea and, therefore, the quality of vision. In particular, it aims to identify the degree of curvature of the cornea and to determine whether it has undergone variations or deformations.

La cornea è una membrana trasparente e convessa which can be considered a bit like the natural lens of the eye, responsible for the power of its focus. If the cornea has a rounded shape, the eye will have normal vision; if the cornea is too flat, rigid or has an uneven curvature, the vision will present problems.

The computerized corneal topography it is a very useful test to detect defects such as astigmatism but also to diagnose problems such as keratoconus, a degenerative disorder of the cornea that thins it until it resembles a cone.

The exam is prescribed even before undergoing surgery refractive surgery and laser corrections of vision and, in general, it is very useful to establish which type of contact lenses it is more suitable for a particular patient.

How to perform corneal topography: 360 ° images that show your cornea

Corneal topography is performed with a particular instrument, the topographer, which projects black and white concentric rings of light onto the front surface of the cornea. The reflection produced by the circles on the cornea is then captured by a camera, which takes 360 ° images. At this point an algorithm processes the data and produces a corneal map which analyzes the surface and curvature of the cornea, highlight with different colors.

The test is short and painless.

When it is necessary to take the exam?

Corneal topography is a very useful, if not essential, exam in several cases including:

  • Diagnosis of astigmatism
  • Diagnosis of keratoconus (degenerative disorder that thins the cornea)
  • Diagnosis of corneal defects (scarring, abnormal curvature, etc.)
  • Vision correction with laser surgery
  • Post-corneal transplant checks
  • Planning of refractive surgery (corneal transplants, etc.)
  • Choice of the most suitable contact lenses

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Corneal topography is the map that monitors the health of your cornea and is essential to determine whether it has undergone changes in curvature.

Curvature deformations can create problems for your vision and this examination can help us find and correct them.

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