Blake Kuwahara

Blake Kuwahara


Blake Kuwahara

The architect of designer glasses

When Blake Kuwahara entered the world of glasses, he had one thing very clear: that in the market there was a need for glasses that had a precise artistic expression. But how to get there?

Inspired by fashion, architecture and interior design, Blake Kuwahara has found an unprecedented way of creating glasses. As a careful architect - aware that his is a precise art that requires knowledge and attitude and that must be functional, practical and pleasant - Blake Kuwahara has invented a process of fusion of shapes, lines and colors that has given rise with original and unusual glasses, but perfectly wearable. A collection of frames that are a true "frame within a frame", a juxtaposition of shapes and colors that creates a fresh and unexpected design tension. The external acetate is generally more discreet and transparent, while the internal one has a more complex and nuanced structure. The result? A true sculpture that frames the face in a triumph of modern and comfortable design.

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