Hoet Occhiali




The pioneer of 3D glasses printing

Imagine absolute freedom in design. The Hoet studio, led by Bieke Hoet, managed to achieve it thanks to 3D printing, a process that projected this eclectic Belgian brand directly into the future, so much so that today is one of the main producers of Luxurious frames for 3D printed metal glasses.

New lines, new curves, low weight, great robustness, precision parts adapted to the desired performance: Hoet , which has always been a pioneer of research, has made 3D printing the medium through which to explore new materials and new techniques to create truly innovative glasses. A disruptive opportunity that made this brand something that the eyewear market had never seen before.

3D printing has allowed Hoet unparalleled design freedom. A goal chased over the years, after exhausting research in different sectors, in search of materials and techniques that could translate into a new type of glasses. The progress made by 3D printing, even in unexpected fields such as that of dental implants - where precision design, adaptation and comfort are essential - finally revealed to the brand the way to go, with no more deviations. After a short time Hoet began a collaboration with SEIKO and created a series of sports glasses, the Xcharger, which won the Silmo d'or in 2015. Since then 3D printing has become an integral part of Hoet's proposal, which still continues to be a novelty in the international eyewear panorama.