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Thom Browne


Thom Browne

The glamor that never gives up on provocation

Thom Browne is a cult signature in the field of international fashion, a brand born in the eccentric New York and therefore always in step with trends. It is therefore not surprising the almost sartorial precision of his glasses, made of high quality titanium on which stand out the unmistakable red, white and blue logo and the four-strip hinge.

Thom Browne has done to the world of glasses what Andy Warhol has done to the 1960s screen printing: he has subverted a style, overturned a status quo. His glasses are frames that leave interpretation to the eye of the beholder.

Thom Browne glasses have bewitched politicians, actors and sportsmen with their 1940s touch and today they continue to teach for strength, lightness and comfort. The perfect synthesis between vaguely retro classic proportions and contemporary design makes his eyewear collections a practically indispensable must, for men and women.