Scandinavian design, Japanese technology

Extraordinary glasses are born from simple ideas. It is in the DNA of Monoqool to amaze with models with minimal and clean lines that surprise with their lightness and ultra-thin design. Thanks to the 3D printing technique, the best in the sector, which manufactures frames with a particular mixture of polyamide solidified by laser. The result? Sturdy but very light glasses, with interlocking side rods and without screws. So goodbye to the arms that come off: a Monoqool frame is really all in one piece.

The creativity of this incredible brand was born in the heart of splendid Copenhagen, home of Danish design and style with pure lines, without unnecessary elements. "Lightness" is the watchword, in aesthetics and substance.

What about the future? Monoqool is already working on it. Its goal is to be able to create a software capable of printing bespoke glasses that can be adapted to everyone's face. Easy to expect from a brand that loves to open new paths towards unexplored techniques. There is no doubt that Monoqool always manages to reach unpredictable goals: from those who have already won the German Design Award, after all, you can really expect everything.

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