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Mask P2

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Mask H90


The difference can be seen

Design and originality

Designer glasses are like tailored suits: a world made of uniqueness, precision and attention to detail. And just like a made-to-measure suit, designer eyewear dresses like no other and has the power to enhance the wearer with a touch of glamor that never gives up on provocation. Because the handmade glasses have that playfully innovative touch that invites us to dare to be ourselves.

Experimental design, precious metals that combine with precious materials, a touch of humor, explosions of color, games of volumes and proportions... designer glasses are truly unique pieces capable of telling the most extraordinary of stories. Our.

Quality and innovation

Experimentation and creative exploration: these are the keywords that define the world of design eyewear, where each frame is born from the taste for beautiful things, handmade, against any idea of mass production

The best metals in the world, the most innovative materials such as cellulose acetates, the ecological touch of wood, the preciousness of the fabric inserts meet lenses coated with anti-reflective layers that reduce eye fatigue. This is how frames are created where the hand finishing technique and the most innovative technologies create resistant, safe, light models with unparalleled flexibility. Unique.

Our concept stores in Rome

Because the eye also wants its part

Wooden strips and simple joints, drawers with a nude effect to create a total display where even the glasses stored are always visible. A reference to the experiments of the great designers of the last century that gives life to a unique ecostore.

Iron, wood and concrete come together; cleanliness and essentiality are the backdrop for Italian and international designer glasses that become protagonists. The self-production of our furniture stems from a specific need: to create a container with the same characteristics as the glasses on display - craftsmanship, manufacture and uniqueness.

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